Custom Vintage Leather Jacket

$500.00 Sold Out

Beautiful vintage buffalo leather biker jacket. Hand painted with layers of leather acrylic paint & finisher. On the inner left wrist there's a hand painted "Deadskull" script to mark the piece. On the back, our signature "Not Givin' A Fuck" design. On each shoulder strap you will find 3 metal studs bolted on.

The jacket is hand picked & decorated with a collection of vintage pins & studs from local collectors.

Vintage pins:

- (Top Left) "ATTITUDE"
- (Center Left) "PARTY TILL I PUKE"
- (Center Right) U.S. Navy Anchor

This is a one of a kind piece - once it's sold, it's gone.

Size: M/L

Measurements: About 40-43 inch chest & 34 - 36 inch arms.

Wear the fuck out of it.
Love the fuck out of it.

Made in Los Angeles.

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